introducing Cosmic X Star by Jack Armstrong

Artist Jack Armstrong will create the World’s Most Expensive Handbag for women. This will be another world record created and priced at $7.3 Million. Now you can attach the ultra-luxury women’s fashion designer label to artist Jack Armstrong’s long list of credits. Coming soon at $7.3 Million, his Cosmic X Star women’s handbag will smash the Birkin bag record, the Mouawad diamond handbag record and even the ‘Easter Egg’ women’s purse record.

The luxury handbag will be titled the Cosmic X Star and will top all Hermes Birkin and other diamond encrusted bags, to become the ultimate rare art fashion accessory for women. The Cosmic X Star lady’s bag will be a one of a kind original and suitable for the ultimate client. The luxury handbag will be custom painted by Armstrong in his famous Cosmic X style and he will partner with a renowned luxury brand.

Armstrong will partner with a leading luxury brand to exhibit the most expensive women’s fashion bag ever created. It will break all records including the Mouawad diamond handbag. The price tag of $7.3 million is a reflection of the finest art accessory in the world, for the ultimate UHNW art collector. This art piece will be suitable for the most exclusive event or equally at home in the new owner’s private collection of art and fashion.

There will only be one original handbag and 100 Serigraph prints on exotic bags, created by Armstrong and the designer working closely together. A serigraph print is an original piece of artwork utilizing a process that applies ink through a silkscreen onto a material. The 100 Serigraph print exotic handbags will be priced between $100,000 to $200,000 each, depending on the material chosen.

The Ultimate Gift, World’s Most Valuable. Cosmic ‘X’ Luxury Bag to be exclusively named for the buyer: if the Cosmic X Star handbag is purchased in advance of its completion, Armstrong will “name” the bag for the new owner. Like the iconic Hermes bag named for Jane Birkin, the new (icon/name) will always be identified with the ‘X’ bag, creating an ultra-current, fashion meets art – moment in time.

If Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos were to purchase it as a wedding gift for his upcoming nuptials with Lauren Sanchez, it would be renamed the ‘Lauren‘ bag – replacing the Birkin bag in high fashion. Just like the Elizabeth Taylor diamond, which was named for the film star, the Cosmic X Star handbag will carry its new owner’s name proudly into the future. It will be the ultimate gift for the ultimate UHNW couple or individual.

Armstrong is the modern day Van Gogh and worked with global icons Warhol and Basquiat in New York City. He has exhibited his own creations worldwide, selling to some of the world’s richest billionaires. Armstrong has completed only 100 paintings and art objects owned by UHNW collectors globally.  This will be Armstrong’s final fashion statement, after creating the world’s most valuable painting, motorcycle, boots and bicycle.  Although his last, the Cosmic X Star luxury bag will be perhaps his finest project.