presents Jack Armstrong’s “Cosmic Starship” Harley Davidson

For our Global Luxury Network of Clients we are honored to have the World’s Finest Motorcycle available. Eric Poirier Owner & Founder of is (exclusively) representing the sale.

Partnership between Poirier and Jack Armstrong are listing on “The Ultra-Luxury Marketplace for the Richest” www.ForSuperRich.comCosmic Starship” at $50,000,000.

Jack Armstrong worked with Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring. He is the last surviving member of this  NYC 80s art clique. Armstrong has always sold his own art directly to clients worldwide without art dealer’s involved in the transaction.

Cosmic Jack Armstrong created the World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle “Harley Davidson V-Rod”, Its value is 50 million dollars and is expected to rise.

Jack Armstrong is the creator of the painting style «Cosmic Existentialism», a groundbreaking style of modern art like Picasso‘s «Cubism» and Warhol‘s «Pop Art».

Cosmic Jack Armstrong’s paintings are created by cosmic energy which flows from the universe through Jack and into his paintings. Those viewing Jack’s art in person have stated that they feel intense physical energy emanating from his paintings.

He is related to the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

Billionaire clients Include, the world’s richest woman, Alice Walton, and China’s Jack Ma.

Armstrong is the first contemporary artist in the world to have created only 100 paintings for sale. Armstrong’s hair, fingerprints and DNA are present in all Cosmic ‘X’ original’s. In contrast there are thousands of Basquiats & Warhols on the market, with current prices of $110M-$195M. It was Andy Warhol who nicknamed Cosmic Jack «The Last Wizard» in 1985.

In addition to their ethereal beauty, what makes Cosmic Jack’s art so priceless is that he made a promise to Andy Warhol that «he would only make 100 paintings in his lifetime and then he would disappear into the cosmos». Armstrong is the first modern artist in the world to have created only 100 paintings for sale, Jack Armstrong currently has (7) Cosmic ‘X‘ paintings valued at over $100 million dollars (each) and are expected to rise dramatically.

The supreme provenance of his groundbreaking art will be talked about at the highest levels for new generations of UHNW collectors.

Space ‘X’ is listed for sale on