presents Erleuchten V — «Home» Table Lamp

As our universe begins to mature, stars stabilize mothering solar systems as planets form ecosystems and life after their tumultuous birth. Once a pulsing and spinning sphere of molten material hammered by giant formations of matter our planet endures cycling ice ages and warm periods with global catastrophic impacts in between life sustaining climate for billions of years settling in to the planet we currently call “Home”.

“Home” is an incredibly accurate globe showing our planets continents and major warm and cold ocean currents. The continents were painted a half dozen times. Matthew was not getting the desired result then while mixing paint with a toothpick, scooped up a little paint and gently placed a tiny bump of paint on one of the continents. Noticing the desired effect, Matthew spent two months painting “Home’s” continents and oceans with toothpicks one little dab and stroke at a time giving this piece a very visually and physically tactile experience. Winter satellite images were used to color match land mass diversity. An antique Nautical Compass was referenced for the bottom design encompassing Antarctica where stain instead of paint was used achieving texture polarity.

For the end cap a very special burl was selected. Naturally ridden with irregularities “N” “E” “S” “W” was burned into the continuation of the lamps southern pole compass so the collector can find their way. Higher illumination fit “Home” with warm but sharp lined shadows protruding from the bottom of the lamp onto your large oak office desk in your mountain home on the lake, or table on your mega yacht while you travel the globe. To achieve this a high watt clear bulb is used. Twelve months was spent masterfully hand crafting the «Home» lamp. The shade and end-cap are made of wood, sealed and treated to last generations. The base made from hand forged metal wrapped in high quality cord.

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