When contemporary Art meets Science and modern history… For its 50th anniversary, a tribute to the very first and most iconic microprocessor of the history that changed the world: the Intel™ 4004 in ultra rare grey traced ceramic version, honored inside a single piece of contemporary Art.

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The Timeless Masterpiece includes an improbable functional assembly of American and Russian parts, which should never have met in their time, and combining in a exclusive design: the genuine Intel™ 4004 microprocessor in its most collectible and desirable version, ultra reliable low-pressure vacuum russian displays and memories, past and present technologies, modern and collectible components, to reveal a surprising piece of horology Art. It has required more than 3600 hours of development, starting several years ago with the first drawing of the 4004 Reborn Collection, including hardware and software designs, as well as the entire redesign of the development environment and tools, to give a second life to the legendary Intel™ 4004.

The Timeless Masterpiece, part of the 4004 Reborn Collection

— Local time displayed on the first line,

— Current date and geographic coordinates of the artwork (longitude, latitude, altitude) successively displayed on the second line,

— Time, date and geographic coordinates automatically adjusted by satellites for absolute accuracy,

— Core electronics designed with Intel™ 4004 family parts, grey traced memories and collectible white ceramic companion chips,

— 87’771 precious instructions executed per second,

— Intel™ 4004 software memories, neon bulbs and glass displays from ultra reliable Russian technology,

— Size: 610mm (L), 550mm (H), 50mm (D),

— Weight: 33.1 lbs / 15.0 kg,

— International warranty of 10 years.

About the engineering artist

Passionate about electronics and complex horology, Frédéric invents and develops a new concept in contemporary art, combining Art and Science, vintage and modernity, technologies of today and yesterday. For this purpose, he is in constant quest for the most wanted and iconic electronic pieces to imagine his collections. His artworks reinterpret the passing time. Second after second, progressive and random illuminations of orange light, animated digits and sparkling effects, create several visual rhythms marking the unique signature of his collections.

Since his very first drawing in 2002, Frédéric has been designing limited editions of artpieces with no compromise, as he had always dreamed them. Several inspiration sources give birth to his collections: authentic Russian and American pieces from the 80’s playing together, the very first microprocessor of the history, famous shapes of buildings over the world, or the use of original riveted metal frames from the Eiffel Tower…

In 2009, after 15 years of engineering in the service of industry, Frédéric fully devoted himself to his art, and proposed his first ‘Sputnik’ artwork to the international contemporary art market. Frédéric has established his workshop 30 minutes far from Paris, France, where he constantly invents and realizes new creations.

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